25-Acre Island Located 1 Mile Away From Ambergris Caye, for Sale by Coldwell Banker

This massive 25-acre island currently up for sale by Coldwell Banker, Ambergris Caye is located among the finest tourist and vacation destinations in Belize, with lots of space to accommodate development projects including a medium sized Eco Hotel or a residential complex with up to 100 villas.

This is another wonderful opportunity to own one of the best island properties in Belize – the magnificent Rosewood Caye. It is an amazing island property endowed with so many beautiful natural sceneries spanning over a large 25-acre expanse of green luscious vegetable fields and surrounded by a calm turquoise lagoon.
Rosewood Caye is an exceptional addition to the cluster of distinct islands of Bracilette Caye. It comes with several location-friendly features which make it totally viable for any kind of developmental project that it is intended for. It is a masterpiece merging of design and Mother Nature, a true tourist destination and a vacation paradise that is completely shielded from all the noise and pollution of the outside world.
Some noteworthy features of the property include its many solitary and tranquil beaches filled with pristine white beach sands, a solid limestone base, the many mature royal palm trees and abundant tropical plants and wildlife spread across the island, not forgetting the calm ocean currents and fresh sea breeze, and the soothing temperature of the island atmosphere lingering both day and night.
The property exudes a brilliant splendor even in its present untouched state. It includes a safe protected harbor located on the North Side of the island that is perfect for constructing a marina. The Coral stone bedrock is very shallow thus making way for a convenient pile free construction and the Blue Reef resort located 2 miles away, on the East side of Ambergris Caye allowing for easy access to the Belize Barrier Reef.
Renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and prime location features, Rosewood Caye proudly sits at an 8-mile distance away from San Pedro Town – Belize's no. 1 tourist destination, and it can be easily accessed through a highly convenient route which cuts across the calm turquoise water of the lagoon.
It is also located within one mile from Ambergris Caye and six miles from Cayo Espanto – Belize's Most Exclusive hotel. It provides unobstructed views of the other surrounding islands across the 1.5 miles water-front gap, including views of Blackadore Caye – an island that was purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2005.
The property is separated from the main south Bracilette Caye by a 50ft navigable canal which provides an ingenious deep water access to its turf. Weather condition is mostly stable all year round, with intermittent rain falls during the wet season and residents do not have to worry about the storms as the island is safely protected by Ambergris Caye which is located nearby towards the east.
All requirements necessary for its development have been duly checked and the property consequently approved upon inspection for the commencement of construction by one of the major construction companies in Ambergris Caye. It comes with many great benefits for the proactive investor who is smart enough to grab the limited time opportunity of being the proud owner of this potentially game changing development property.
There are so many wonderful reasons why this 25-Acre Island paradise is looking to become the hottest travel destination for tourists and retirees in Belize in the nearest future. The Island is quickly garnering a lot of popularity among celebrities and developers alike in the U.S. who are already making frantic moves at owning properties in Belize and investing in its many surrounding Cayes.
The area has also played host to James Prince, the founder, and CEO of Rap-A-Lot records, a Texas based music Production Company who recently purchased a 2-acre island just a mile away from Rosewood Caye and is building a dazzling villa on the property.
Leonardo DiCaprio is also presently building the Exclusive Eco Resort on nearby Blackadore Caye in partnership with Delos Group and the development is closing at an upward of $10,000,000 US in villa prices. Big names like Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and Harrison Ford have also visited the area and lodged at the Cayo Espanto Hotel, while also touring the nearby pristine beaches to set up a hotel beach picnic.
There is ample space available to accommodate development projects such as a medium-sized Eco-hotel or a residential complex consisting a maximum of 100 private villas. Buyers also get to enjoy a huge discount on the cost of the property which is being sold at a giveaway price of $76,700 US per acre. This is well below the current market price and even the neighboring islands are being priced within the range of $12,000 to $700,000 US per acre.
Some similar islands located within a 10-mile range of the property are being offered for, or have been sold at the following rates: Torquise Caye – 5 acres, sold for $950,000 US, Savannah Caye – 25 acres $3,300,000 US, and Swab Caye 5 acres $3,500,000 US. The sellers are also motivated and willing to consider financing the buyer with reasonable down payment and flexible terms.
It is a dream come true for the expert developer that understands its worth and a goldmine waiting to be tapped for the insightful investor. Don't wait until it is too late. Time is of the essence as the listing price is expected to rise as high as $2.5 million US once the Blackadore Caye Eco Resort project is in full swing.
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Source: Coldwell Banker, Ambergris Caye


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