Four Reasons to Invest in Real Estate at Ambergris Caye Now

The real estate that you purchase today at an affordable price will likely increase in value over the next few years.

Having a real estate or two is one of the best ways to have a long-term investment. A real estate that can be purchased at an affordable price and it can be at its price peak in the next few years. That’s the main reason why more and more are investing in real estate properties. However, choosing a real estate property is more than just its current price tag, it is also important to choose the property that is strategically located. In this case, why not invest it in the one that is located in the Ambergris Caye?

            The Ambergris Caye is located in the beautiful country of Belize located in Central America. The country of Belize is like a hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered. The country is strategically situated in a breathtaking area filled with a rich ecosystem, coastal areas, and mountains.

            In the past few years, the country of Belize is becoming more popular because of the famous Hollywood celebrities who pay a visit, not just for the purpose of relaxing but also to help in protecting the natural resources located in the area. Aside from that, there are other reasons why it is great to invest in a real estate located at Belize most specifically in the Ambergris Caye.

·         Belize has a stable and democratic government

            The country is an independent member of the British Commonwealth. The currency used in the country is US dollar and the majority of residents are native English speaker. But, what makes Belize an even better place to live is due to the fact that it has a stable and balanced economy. Plus, Belize is tagged as one of the countries with the most stable political system.

·         Indulge in the beauty of Belize and its natural wonders

            The biggest names in Hollywood and business frequently visit Belize because of the wonderful and rich natural destinations located in the country. Leonardo DiCaprio, the lead actor of award-winning films such as Titanic and The Wolf of the Wall Street purchased a property in Belize a few years ago. Recently, DiCaprio announced his plans to develop the property into a futuristic resort. The man-made developments in Belize don’t affect the beautiful spots in the area.

            Belize is the best country to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. Moreover, Belize is the home of the following locations: Belize Barrier Reef, Barton Creek Cave, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve, Monkey River, and the Thousand Foot or Hidden Valley Falls. 

·         Strong tourism trends

            The popularity of Belize captivates more tourists to indulge with its natural wonders. The rate of tourist who visited the country last year is expected to grow even bigger and better. Thus, it opens more opportunity not just for locals but also for businesses and organizations that are willing to invest in the country. Aside from that, the geographical location of Belize is what makes the country a good spot for tourism.

·         Tax friendly location

            The property taxes in Belize are much lower than the average in other states and countries. This country is considered a tax haven because of the government’s fair tax rules and policies. In addition, the government of Belize doesn’t have capital gains tax and inheritance tax. The rental income tax in Belize is 1.75% of gross receipts.


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