September Independence Day Celebrations: An Annual Event to Anticipate on Ambergris Caye

September Independence Celebrations prove to be catalyst for tourists and investors to visit Ambergris Caye, Belize during what has traditionally been a slow time in the tourism and real estate sectors.

Belize has recently celebrated its 34th year of full independence through fantastic, colorful parades and floats. As the festive people of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize exhibit their joy for their independence, the groups that participated in the parade did not miss an opportunity to bring even more spectacle on the parade with their feathery Carnival costumes they displayed for this year’s independence. And despite the rain that had the celebration postponed one week,  it never broke the Belizeans spirit to celebrate their independence – which makes this year’s celebration truly remarkable.

The colorful costumes, the rejoicing people, the spirit and pride of the Belizean people – all these elements are present in the Belize Carnival Parade. The excitement is apparent from the energy of the  crowd that has gathered at Central Park - they are all hyped up as the Independence Day Parade has come to a conclusion.

The San Pedro Independence Day Jump Up parade is one of the biggest one-day blowout celebrations in Ambergris Caye Island that is being attended by many tourists every year. The national pride that serves as the driving force in fueling the passion of the Belizeans to celebrate with grandeur is what makes the people of Belize the happiest and the most celebratory people in the world. And given the fact that Belize has a very colorful culture and a booming real estate market in Ambergris Caye, many tourists are getting interested in residing in this beautiful country.

This assertion is apparent on the recent Jump Up Parade, where despite the lengthy route of the parade that had taken place in one of the hottest months of the years for four hours, it does not prevent the parade participants and spectators to suit up in their costumes. Instead, they even set up chairs and umbrella in the parade route and picked up the best location where people can witness all the fun and excitement on the parade.

The people who are lucky enough to be residing along the parade route have invited their friends and families to watch from their yards and verandas, which eventually results in neighborhood parties that make the celebration span the entire town core and beyond. With the vastness of the crowd, stores, and street vendors took the opportunity to sell their best foods and refreshments in every corner of the town. And this event has made the celebration truly unforgettable.

Having been influenced by the carnival in the Caribbean through engaging music, dance, and costume galore, it has been a great help in evolving the parade as one of the unique events in the world – which have enticed thousands of tourists to come back each year to witness the celebration. And to make sure that they will want to return for another anticipated September Celebration, most of the tourist industry in Belize has made great investments to promote these events to their guests.

With the cooperation of people who were mesmerized by the beauty of Belize, the unique culture and warm acceptance of Belizeans that have encouraged them to settle down in Ambergris Caye, it is not surprising that in the coming years this could be one of the driving forces for the continuous growth of the tourism economy during this month. And all of this started from one colorful independence celebration of Belizeans.


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